Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Lynden, WA

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most common rooms in a home for water damage. The obvious reason for this is the fact that water pipes are in the walls... READ MORE

Master closet in Bellingham, WA

To the untrained person and naked eye this closet seemed dry, but our IICRC certified crew member was able to diagnose a wet floor and walls. We see many water ... READ MORE

Sewage back up in Eastsound on Orcas Island, WA

SERVPRO of Bellingham works 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are willing to travel to reach our customers needs. The island community of Eastsound on Orcas Isl... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage in Bellingham, WA.

A broken pipe in an upstairs bathroom rained down water in the main floor living and kitchen area. At first glance the damage may not seem very bad, but a close... READ MORE

Office Storm Damage in Bellingham, WA.

An Ice Dam caused by melting snow that had refroze and melted again caused 3 floors to flood in a commercial building. The ice dam was removed and SERVPRO of Be... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Home in Ferndale, Wa.

This storm damaged home in Ferndale, Wa was a result of a frozen pipe due to extreme weather. The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to live, but we are not... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Due to Storm

A flooded basement in Bellingham, WA was brought about by heavy rains and a clogged drain. Water intrusion occurred over 90 percent of the basement flooring and... READ MORE

Surprise Water Damage in Bellingham, WA

It rains a lot where we live and sometimes a storm catches us off guard. We were called out to address a leaky roof that was threatening to ruin more than just ... READ MORE

Mold on unique items in Bellingham, WA

A moldy basement was home to many household items and one of these items turned out to be a whale vertebrae. The smell was intense and the mold was in every dip... READ MORE

Vandalism and Graffiti in Bellingham, WA

In Bellingham, Wa there are a lot of tagging, graffiti and vandalism. Tagging is the quickest, easiest, most pervasive and most expensive form of graffiti vanda... READ MORE