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Water Damaged Stairwell in Bellingham, WA.

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water bubbles are commonplace in the water restoration business.

Water has the innate ability to find the path of least resistance. Sometimes that means simply flowing down hill or pooling up in a low lying area and other times it means going under doors and through walls to find a man made riverbed.

A staircase is often the path of least resistance for water and these areas can look like waterfalls if enough water finds it's way to them. 

SERVPRO of Bellingham can help in these times of need and our crews have seen numerous situations that would make a Maintenance Manager lose sleep and gain wrinkles. 

The water damage occurred on the second floor and the stairwell became the path of least resistance as the water flowed downhill cascading down stairs and into building cavities. 

I think you can see where the water helped separate the paint from the drywall.

Commercial Water Damage in Bellingham, WA.

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

The water fountain supply line sprung a leak, so we contained the area to create the optimal drying environment.

SERVPRO of Bellingham is proud of the many relationships we have fostered over the 40 plus years we have been in business. We take great pride in being the "GO TO" restoration company for those clients and they know we are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Call us anytime and we will be on the case.

We were recently called out over the weekend to help extract water and begin the drying process for a large multi story, multi tenant commercial building. We were quickly on site with the knowledge, dedication and hard work that is our trademark. 

We took care of the immediate issues and set the plate for the coming days dry down by communicating with all parties involved, creating realistic expectations and going above and beyond for our clients in an emergency situation outside of normal business hours. 

Commercial Water Damage on San Juan Island

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Friday Harbor is a beautiful place to visit and our crew was happy to help this business owner get back to life as usual after a water supply line had burst causing extensive water damage to the main floor of the bed and breakfast.

The maritime heritage of the community and it's relationship with the Puget Sound is part of what brings people from all over the world to enjoy the San Juan Islands.

SERVPRO regularly works in the San Juan Islands. We are called out to dry up after water leaks, clean up after severe fires and remediate mold after the moisture issue has been resolved. We know the ferry schedule, how to get things done and how to work with insurance companies on the island.

Office Water Damage in Bellingham, WA.

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Injection drying in an office damaged by water.

We recently received a frantic call early on a Monday morning regarding a flooded office.

Our crew was immediately dispatched to start the drying process and get the business up and going as quickly as possible.

The water came from an office above and the drop down ceilings were soaked. The ceiling tiles were removed, so that the rest of the ceiling could be addressed. Our crew made the right decision to start drying with injection technology. Hot dry air in blown in to wall and ceiling cavities. This allows the business to operate as close to usual as possible while we do our job of drying the water damaged structure.

Time is money and SERVPRO of Bellingham will always go the extra mile to ensure the fastest turn around time in order to get back to business.

Commercial Cleaning in Bellingham, WA

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

A thorough commercial cleaning in Bellingham, WA.

SERVPRO of Bellingham can do many things. We dry out homes and businesses after floods, clean structures and contents after fires, disinfect, deodorize and just plain old scrub.

The key to cleaning is in the details. Sometimes the plan is to prep for paint and sometimes a simple old fashion scrubbing with SERVPRO branded cleaning agents is what the plan calls for. 

In a local project we were called to clean the ducting system that works hard for the client and needed some TLC. We set up our crew and got to work. We systematically cleaned from one end of the space to the other with our ever persistent eye for detail. The focus and planning paid off in the end. Satisfied clients and proud employees.

Cleaning a Pole Building Ceiling

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Massive Ceiling Clean

A series of small minor roof leaks soon proved to be a major problem when microbial growth and wet insulation was found during a remodel in Bellingham, Wa. 

SERVPRO of Bellingham was called out to clean and disinfection the structure as well as the actual roof materials. We utilized scissor lifts, full face respirators, gloves, tyvex suits and the proper safety harness or fall arrest gear. 

Our job was to get into the is structure clean and get out as quickly as possible, so we worked diligently throughout the weekend and after hours to make it "like it never even happened."

The clients could not have been more pleased with the results of the project or with the tight schedule we were able to keep.

Unseen Moisture

1/19/2018 (Permalink)

Tools of the Trade

A small water intrusion quickly became a larger issue when hard rains and high winds rolled into Bellingham, WA. 

The owners of the building knew something was certainly wrong but did not know how large the problem truly had become. 

SERVPRO of Bellingham was called out to help address the water issue and also to help develop a plan for drying out the building. 

The first step is always to stop the leak and once the roofer had fixed the leak we began to delve farther into the problems the water had created.

Our well trained skilled technicians were able to find hidden pockets of water throughout the structure and limit the amount of drywall removal by injecting dry hot air into the walls.

The team at SERVPRO proved once again that with the right knowledge and tools we are able to help businesses and building owners limit downtime and repair costs.

Emergency Ready Plan

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

Make a Plan.

Does your office or employer have a plan in place should an emergency occur?

Where do you shut off the water if a supply line fails?

Who should I call if the heat isn't on?

These are just a couple of simply questions that could be easily answered if SERVPRO of Bellingham were to give your office or building an Emergency Ready Plan or ERP. 

We will come out and walk the property, photo document vital shutoffs, and help develop a plan of action should an emergency occur.

The most important part of the ERP is the fact that it starts the planning conversation before the emergency happens. It also helps to get a a business back up and going after an emergency.

This is no cost service we provide to local businesses and building owners.