Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire

We clean the structure of the home and also all of the contents of the home. Our crew then delivers everything back to our customers when they are ready to get ... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Removal

The water loss occurred in the bathroom on the second floor. The kitchen took the brunt of the water and the ceiling had to come down. Now that the sheetrock wa... READ MORE

We clean it all.

Our crew goes above and beyond for our customers.

Water damage after a Fire

The ceiling came down after the firefighters sprayed down the flames.

Fires are messy

The first photo shows the source of the fire. The second photo shows the same wall and ceiling area after treatment and ready for paint.

Handmade Log Bed Frame

A beautiful Log Bed Frame was damaged in an extremely dirty residential fire. The fire burned hot with a lot of plastic soot affecting the structure and all of ... READ MORE