Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Bellingham was called out to remove mold in a garage on San Juan Island. Some of the keys to removing mold are containment, negative air pressure, ai... READ MORE

Water Damaged Wood Floor in Bellingham, WA.

The supply line to the bathroom toilet failed and water damaged a beautiful wood floor in Bellingham, WA. The first picture shows the floor starting t... READ MORE

Demolition in Blaine, WA

Moisture from a large water leak was stuck in the subfloor of a cabin in Blaine, WA. The only way to dry out a structure with particle board underlay is to take... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bellingham, WA

We get called out on all sorts of different water damage jobs. SERVPRO is always ready to get right to work and start the drying process, but sometimes the best... READ MORE

We clean contents

A fire in Bellingham, WA is where we had the opportunity to save a family heirloom. So much of what we do is about saving money and saving important items for o... READ MORE

Post Fire Clean Up in Bellingham, WA

This fire was caused by an electrical issue in a commercial space in Bellingham, Wa. The unit had a fire that was caused by an electrical issue and put out by o... READ MORE

We can CLEAN!

SERVPRO of Bellingham has a proven record of exceeding expectations and this particular job highlights our ability to overcome obstacles big and small. Our crew... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire in Bellingham, WA forced a family out of their home and into a hotel for almost three months. SERVPRO of Bellingham was called in to clean up ... READ MORE

Kitchen Ceiling Removal

SERVPRO of Bellingham is the first name people think of when a leaky pipe or a faulty hot water heater ruins their day. We get right to work and bring in the ri... READ MORE

We clean it all.

The typical day at SERVPRO of Bellingham is anything but typical. Each day presents a new and different challenge for our crew. Sometimes it's crawling around a... READ MORE